Each week we go over the latest shipment of cards that I got in. These will either be auction buys or box break cards. If it is a box break we will open it during the podcast. Then I will take a Card a week and give it away to a random listener. All you have to do to be in the drawing is;

  1. Fill out the entry form above

  2. Become a member of our website

  3. Leave a comment

We will start the contest as soon as we have 25 listeners registered in the contest.

  1. 25 listeners -Starts the giveaway contest.

  2. There will be a lot of 3 cards to choose 1 card from of if you win.

  3. A new card will be added to the remaining 2 each week.

  4. 100 listeners -We will pick 2 winners each week and giveaway 2 cards.

  5. 500 listeners -We will pick 3 winners each week and giveaway 5 cards.

  6. 1000 listeners -We will be giving away 20 cards that week, and 1 card will have a value of $50-$150. Then we will go back to 3 cards a week.

We will be giving away the Magic Johnson Autographed Card on our Home page as well as 20 additional cards of various value, once we hit 1000 listeners to fill out the Giveaway Form.

Winners will only be chosen at random from, and revealed on our podcast, Then using the information you provided we will ship the card to you. All cards given away, whether it worth $2.00 or $200.00 will arrive in an acrylic card holder and then packaged in sealed plastic sleeve to insure minimal scratches. 

I have collected sports cards, and memorabilia for the 30+ years. Card collecting can be fun and addicting, but nothing is as fun as winning great cards. So as a way to give back to our listeners, and say thank you for supporting us, I intend to share my collection with you.

"The Card Junkie"